Wardrobe Architect - week one

Publié le 16 Janvier 2015

So I've started the Coletterie's 2015 Wardrobe Architect challenge. Even though I'v only started sewing a few months ago, I feel it can only be useful. I figured that if I sew a consistent wardrobe for myself, clothes I actually wear, I will love sewing even more! It is such a self-rewarding craft if done right!

Plus, since I swore to not buy anything for my personal use (work clothes excluded), I will have to try new stuff. A whole lot of new stuff. Such as undies. Or pants. And I will have to sew any basics I need. So this means a lot of sewing. And I am already enjoying the idea of sewing always a little bit more!

You can see this little badge on the top right side of the page. I really am commiting myself to this!

I'm building my own wardrobe in 2015 #WACHALLENGE2015

I'm building my own wardrobe in 2015 #WACHALLENGE2015

So that's it. Since I just started and we already are in the middle of January, I started week one today -and hopefully will get week two started tomorrow.

The challenge is very well build up. In the first weeks, you begin by defining who you are, what you wear -or want to wear -or even should wear. Then you get to the patterns selecting and designing, and then clothes sewing. And so on. With two different times throughout the year : one before spring/summer and one before autumn/winter. I'll be busy, don't try to talk to me.

Week one was a really good exercise, very insightful as it instructed us to think about why we wear what we wear, what part of us make us dress like we dress and how we answer to that in our everyday dress. And dressmaking (as I am just starting I can't really say that I ever sew something I don't wear...) Here's the worksheet. Even though I would highly recommend you to read the entire article on the blog.

Anyway. Thanks for reading. I'll talk to you soon. Little puddles.

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